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You will find the complete PCB solution provider for your board production ,With our full experiences in Manfucturing,We can
 make PCBs from Single sided, Double sided, Multilayer up to 12 layer with Multiple laminates used.

There are no limation in technology ,Simple PTH board with two sided circuit ,High density Circuit or  Heavy copper board for
Automative device, HDI Design with BGA,Mircovia,Buried vias  blind vias and  control impedance required.

Our professional engineers and sales will be here for your board production ,Just keep them informed of your requirement on
PCB production .

1、Single side,Double sided,Multilayer up to 12 Layer
A single sided PCB contains copper Tracks on one side of the board only ,Holes are drilled at appr
More information
2、PCB Materials FR Polyimide, Rogers & More
We provide Standard PCB material in FR-4,CEM-1 and High Frequency laminate for RF project.See the
More information
3、Via-in-pad, Blind vias, Buried vias
Nowadays,Electronic device become smaller and smaller,that will increase the density of PCBs, via-
More information
4、Lead Free PCB - RoHS Compliant
We are currently producing both prototype and production PCBs that meet the RoHS Directrive.To mai
More information
5、Heavy Copper Boards
Heavy copper board is used widely in High power distribution ,Heat Dissipation, Planar transformer
More information
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