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Via-in-pad, Blind vias, Buried vias

Via-in-pad,Blind Vias,Buried Vias

Nowadays,Electronic device become smaller and smaller,that will increase the density of PCBs, via-in-pad the buried vias construction is coming up .it is shown as a reliable and cost effective way to reduce the layer count.

In PCB Design,Via refers to a Pad with a plated hole that connects copper trackes from one layer of the board to other layer(s). High density Multi layer PCBs may have blind vias,Which are visible only on one side, or buried vias which are visible on neither.normally referred to as Mirco Vias.

Via in pad helps to reduce inductance ,increase density and employ finer pitch array packages, The via in pad approach places a via directly under the device's contact pads.This allows higher component density and improved routing. it is a way to achieve intermediate density with an intermadiate cost compared to using blind/Buried vias.

To get the qualified boards with via-in-pad, We use the following process to fabricate board. Multilayer Panels are initially laminated and then drilled. The panels are processed through a permangnate desmear line and then through an electroless copper line. The panel are then electroplated with copper so that 0.4-0.5 mils of copper is plated on the surface and inside the holes. These panels are then laminated with dry film resist, exposing the vias to be filled. The conductive silver paste is then screened into the vias. the dry film resist is removed and the surface is scrubbed to achieve a coplana finish.Dry film resist is applied once again and the finished circuit image is exposed.This exposed image is then electroplated with copper to enhance the electrical contact of the plug to the circuity and to achieve better solderability.The panels can now be fabriated using the standard manufacturing process.

No additional drill files or Gerber data need to be generated in order to manufacture PCBs with Via-in-pad filled with conductive epoxy. if PCBs require Buried vias,We would require an additional drill file for the vias to be filled

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