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Single side,Double sided,Multilayer up to 12 Layer

PCB's can be divided into three main Categories

(a) Single-sided
(b) Double -sided
(c) Multi- layered

1.1 Single-sided PCB
A single sided PCB contains copper Tracks on one side of the board only ,Holes are drilled at appropriate points on the track so that each component can be inserted from the non-copper side of the board.

We can support Single sided production with Laminates FR-1.CEM-1,FR-4 with 1/2 ounce copper,1 ounce copper,and 2 ounce copper in different price,Contact your sales with order quantity and Laminates selection for accurate price.

2.1 Double-Sided PCB

Double sided PCB's have copper Tracks on both sides of the board,The track layout is designed so as not to allow shorts from one side to another, if it is required to link points between the two sides, electrical connections are made by small interconnecting holes which are plated with copper during manufacturing.

3.1 Multilayers PCB
In multi layer PCB's ,Each side contains several layers of track patterns which are insulated from one another,These layers are laminated under heat and high pressure.

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