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Techinical Support and Experienced advice on manufacutring

Techinical Support and Experienced advice on manufacturing

On the purpose of the prefect match between the PCB design and manufacturing, our engineering team often provides the reasonable advice

1. panel
We recommend the panel if the dimension is below 50mm*50mm. While not above 80mm*80mm. the minimum dimension is 80*50mm, the maximum will be 250*120 mm

According to your Panel, Our Working panel dimension will be modified as below
Unit: Inch
Material Dimension The best panel size
48*36 24*18 24*12 18*16 18*12
48*40 24*13.3 20*16 20*12 20*13.3
48*42 24*14 21*12 21*16 21*13.5

24*18 is the best working panel for 2 layers PCB with the high material usage up to 95%, the cost can be low down 10%, If your panel choose match with our best working panel, the price can be low down 10% as per your design.

Here are panels we take commonly when in regular outline.

For more details, you can contact our engineers
2. Vias and density of line
Most PCB plants have their own capability in producing, When you choose a PCB partner ,The best way is to get informed of their technical limited by getting in touch with the sales, While if not for high density circuit, out engineers will give your advices on partly modification on your design, that will be acceptable,

A. Put the holes to be 0.25mm
If the hole is less than 0.25mm,Such as 0.15mm or 0.1mm,then laser drilling will be the choose, While The cost will be much higher than the mechanical drilling, if not in necessary, we will advice the holes size enlarging to 0.25mm or above,0.3mm will be the best solution.

B.The distance between the line and the edge of the board is 0.5mm to avoid copper exposure when V-cutting and the parameters will differ from board thickness
C.Choose PTH more if not in need NPTH, for there will be 2nd drilling process that will increase the cost.

3. Control impedance design
Main factors that impact:

W: Line width/space H: Isolate thickness
T: Copper thickness H1: Solder mask thickness
Er: dielectric constant
As below is the regular design on control impedance
impedance values Line width Prepreg Line width control value
60 ohms 5mil 2116(4.5+/-0.5MIL) 4.5+/-0.5MIL
60 ohms 4mil 2116LR(4.2+/-0.5MIL) 4+/-0.5 MIL
55 ohms 5mil 2116LR(4.2+/-0.5MIL) 5+/-0.5 MIL
If for High density circuit, please note that the raw material will also have impact on it.

4, stack-up
A good stack-up can be very effective in reducing radiation from the loops on the PCB (differential-mode emission), as well as the cables attached to the board (common-mode emission). On the other hand a poor stack-up can increase the radiation from both of these mechanisms considerably.
Four factors are important with respect to board stack-up considerations:
1. The number of layers,
2. The number and types of planes (power and/or ground) use
3. The ordering or sequence of the layers
4. The spacing between the layers.

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