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Very Competitive Price

High volume production ,All Project comes with satisfication guarantee and competitive price.


1. Price for Prototype

Typical Pricing for a prototype board is calculated in Two parts, one is the boards no bigger than 4*4 inch

1 or 2 layers Prototype PCB only $ 6.5 ea MOQ:10 PCS Lead time:5 Days
4 layers prototype PCB Only $16.6 ea, MOQ:10 PCS Lead time :7 Days
6 Layer Protype PCB Only $ 23.5 ea ,MOQ :10 PCS Lead time : 10 Days

The price is quoted based on the FR-4 laminate,RoHS complaint,HASL,With 100% E-Test.All of our package for prototype in a uniform price USD 30.00 Via Courier to all over the world.

The other one is the boards beyond the limitation ,The price will be calulated as following

Unit Price * Quantity + Set up fee + Shipping fee
Suppose there is a sample order : FR-4 2 layers,HASL,10 PCS 5"*6".with E-Test
The total Amount: $1.66*10+$80+$50= $ 296.00 Lead time :5 Days

2. Pricing for high Volume

It is very competitve when it comes to high volume production ,Pricing is determined by the size of board,Quantity and complexity.

For more details ,Contact your sales representatvie or sent inquiry directly to :Sales@Jzone-PCB.com

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