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Customized Technical solutions and Cost Saving Solutions

Customized Technical Solutions and Cost Saving Solution

Perfect PCB starts with Good Design and ends up with full production ,Many designs look great during the conceptual Stage,However ,When
it comes to production ,They can be unrealistic ,excessively costly or even impossible. after receiving all files ,Our experienced professional engineers will doublely check the file not only to develop designs to work,but to ensure the right design for manufacturing,if unpermitted and unrealistic ,They will point out with detailed solution to modify.Because of this commitment to perfect design and production,We can be counted on for stable quality and cost reduction.

For more information, please contact our sales representative or inquiry email :Sales@Jzone-pcb.com

PCB Cost Reduction Analysis

We are here to improve your design for manufacturing with high reliablity and lower your cost by cost reduction solution provide, Here you must know the main factors and simple ways to reduct cost.

7 ways to reduce the Cost of PCB
1. Reduce the layer count
2. Change materials into normal FR-4 Standard Tg
3. Rout your board in a regular outline if possible
4. Don't Push the board in urgent status
5. Spread components to reduct assembly problems in high volume production runs.
6. Rout the hole sizes ,Trace width and space as large as possible besides for high density Boards.
7. Put different designs in a panel with same specification for low price prototype.

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